A hot new dj duo is born in the likes of !!!WANNABE KINKY!!!.

!!!WANNABE KINKY!!! is the dirty mind of DJ KINKYRINKY and WANNABEASTAR. Playing a variety of Ghetto Tech, Booty Bass, Dirty Electro and with a little luck some Booty Hardcore. Their style is pumping, uptempo and definitely not for sleeping.

Last friday !!!WANNABE KINKY!!! accompanied the Dutch rap group De Kraaien at their Kraaienbal in The Hague stirring the audience up with their nasty ghetto sounds. These girls know how to rock a crowd and tickle their libido at the same time.

To give you an idea, here’s their dj set from last friday. Do not hesitate to contact me for availability in the contact form on the site.


Playboy 2012








I did playboy once. Just because it was the lesbian issue, and I thought the photographer Karen Rosetzsky had a great vision on what is sexy and what is NOT. I think all women can be sexy or sensual, but I also think its a feeling more than short skirts and high heels. The meaning of my tattoo? Never ever let someone tell you what you can or can’t do.


Hungover sunday playlist

I made a hungover sunday playlist for you guys. Enjoy!