Rebelle’s contagious sound takes flavours from Chicago house to techno. With her company Rebel-Tape productions she organises ‘Lawless’, deep underground events in Amsterdam, bringing raw, compact and back to basics sounds that are guided by the flow of music and creativity.

After working as a professional dancer Rebelle started spinning records. Rebelle grew up with a father who worked in the nightlife as a bouncer and DJ. She already heard house music her whole life and she thinks this is why, next to the tons of happyvibes, she prefers the old school vibe and sound so much.

She played at big festivals like Tomorrowland and great venues like Fuse Brussels and Radion Amsterdam.
She shared the stage  with legends such as: Tyree Cooper, a guy called Gerald and Marshall Jefferson.

On top of that Rebelle hosts her very own LAWLESS nights in Amsterdam. Here, you can experience REBELLE in her purest form. Old school sounds, complete freedom, and a lot of creativity. Guests include artists such as Tyree Cooper and A guy called Gerald, both agreed “She is a very caring and lovely host & artist, with such great and positive energie”

Fuse Brussels * Warehouse Elementenstraat Amsterdam * Maassilo Rotterdam * Paradiso Amsterdam * Radion Amsterdam* Sugarfactory Amsterdam * 360 Istanbul

Tomorrowland (Be) * Warehouse party (Uk) * Milkshake festival * Love dance * Gaypride


SKin EP 5 tracks           03-12-2017 T1 Music
Fangirling (original mix)  19-07-2016 T1 Music
Bodylanuage (original mix) 19-07-2016 T1 Music
In the Bathroom            30-11-2016 T1 Music
YW&F                       30-11-2016 T1 Music
Like This (remastered)     30-11-2016 T1 Music